Are you afraid of the dark?

This was the title of the scariest TV-show I’ve ever watched as a kid. A group of kids hanging around this campfire out in the woods telling scary stories, and then putting out the fire by throwing a handful of sand on it. The show gave me nightmares for years, and now I have been re-experiencing that frightening feeling that used to scare the heck out of us all growing up. Sleep tight, and don’t let the bed bugs bite? Yeah, right.

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Inculter destroys Oslo

Who would’ve thought that the small municipality Fusa could breed such thrashing maniacs like Inculter? Well, it seems that leading thrash/death metal bands in Norway have got a new competitor – the youngsters in Inculter made that pretty clear last night, leaving Pokalen in ruins with their aggressive thrash metal. Continue reading

It’s on, baby.

Here it is. The only website (as far as I know) that combines live reviews of both concerts and theatrical performances. I’ve been doing some reviews for Metal Hammer Norway, but now it’s time to do something on my own. I’m not trying to cover whatever’s going on in the world of music and theatre, I’m just going to share my thoughts on events I find interesting.